Creating sustainable jobs in Haiti through training and mentorship.


  • To provide jobs first for the children at the Hands and Feet Project.  One job effects ten other Haitians.
  • To provide jobs for the families of those children at the HAFP who have been abandoned simply because of the poverty cycles which exist in Haiti.

    It is HEI’s hope that these specific children could potentially be reunited with their family, when one or more of their family members have a dignified and sustainable job.
  • To create job opportunities for the people of Haiti to make a fair wage (as defined by the Fair Trade Federation), along with other opportunities of advancement within their particular job field.
  • To connect experienced tradespeople, businessmen and women, people who are experts in their particular fields in the United States, with the children at the Hands and Feet Project and other Haitian people, for the sole purpose of mentoring and sharing learned techniques to be used in the advancement of their specific career choice. 





HEI is a job creation initiative. HEI is 100% about creating dignified and sustainable jobs in the developing nation of Haiti. HEI exists to push back against the extreme abject poverty and to come along side of Haiti's most vulnerable people by developing realistic, dignified and sustainable jobs.



Kingdom Principles 

Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together.
— John 4:36

In Haiti for every one job created, another ten people's lives are AFFECTED and SUPPORTED. It is with this incredible reach that HEI believes there is no greater IMPACT or RETURN on Kingdom investment, dollar for dollar, and no greater IMPACT (in terms of "Kingdom IMPACT").